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Travel through vast mines!


Your journey will take you through several different mines. Reach the last one and find the way out. Become free again! Find your way to the surfaces!

Fight powerfull bosses!


Take on mine guards and win them. Powerful bosses are waiting for daredevils ready to fight them. Stand up to the fight and win!

Defeat enemies!


Defeat all enemies and clear the passage. Fight different enemies: flying and walking. Don’t be surprised and be ready to repel any attack!


Earth, ice and clay mine. These are extensive stages that you must discover and comb in search of passages to their further parts. Explore them and destroy fragments susceptible to damage. Find treasures and HP drinks.
Each environment delivers a specific type of danger, and new inhabitants to encounter.

Items & Treassure


Items will be invaluable in the pursuit of victory. Collect everything you find, from treasures to HP potions and more.



Our brave hero – Nameless – dwarf.  Lost in time and space. Lost in a foreign world, in a foreign underground.
What is he doing here? How did he get here? It all began with disobedience …

As a member of a select group of diggers, he was to go underground and explore recently discovered tunnels. There, he discovered a machine that he was not allowed to touch before the arrival of scholars. He did not obey the order and the machine pulled him into the created vortex and „spat out” in a completely foreign place. He doesn’t know where he is or how to get back home. The only thing he can do
then go ahead. Ahead, which he does.


Key Features!

The game „Mistaker” contains the following features:

1. Three very large mines: ice, earth and clay.
2. Many different opponents – over 15.
3. The possibility of collecting treasures that you can later …
4. … exchange them in the store with items for power ups, such as life.
5. Three types of power ups.
6. Three different and powerfull bosses.
7. Possibility of destroying the soil and thus changing the appearance of the level.
8. Surprise chests – destroy the chests and see what treasure you have drawn!
9. Cave exploration facilitated by a ladder and a rope …
10. … and much more!


Kacper Garbacz
prepared the music for the trailer, for which many thanks!

Do you need music to game? The film? Or maybe for another project? Write to him:

YouTube channel: Stridmon

Instagram: Stridmon